Tcheen ... don't stay at home

Tcheen is a very simple solution generating QR codes to be fixed on tables, displays or walls of a restaurant, a bistro or any other public place. By scanning these QR codes, your customers register themselves in the light of Covid 19 measures and download your card or the link you want to share with them.

Do you run a catering business, a sports club, a public hall, ...?

Simplify your life, replace the Covid 19 paper form and your menu card with a QR code ... all that for 1 € per day

Click here to create your QR codes

Want to enjoy life and get out of the house?

As soon as you see this logo and this type of Qr code, scan it with your smartphone and enter your details once and only once. All you have to do is scan these QR codes when you visit each horeca establishment that you frequent. You will also automatically receive the menu card each time.
It's simple, isn't it?


What's Tcheen ?

0 hassle... Tcheen delivers in 48 hours your QR codes to be fixed/glued on the support of your choice (tables, ...).

  • Instead of managing the paperwork generated by the Covid 19 paper form, Tcheen activates only once and leaves you definitively in peace. This application is unique for all the establishments that adhere to it and thus greatly simplifies the life of your customers as well. Complete the following form and receive your stickers in 2 days!

100% anonymous... Let's compare the paper solution with the Tcheen solution.

  • With the paper solution, not respecting the discretion of your customers, your customers write down their private details on a unique daily form, with a pencil that passes from hand to hand. Each day, you have to archive this document and make sure you have a blank document for the next day. Customer B can then perfectly know that customer A has been in your establishment for 3 hours and can freely obtain his mobile phone number. With the Tcheen solution, your customers complete their details once in the app' and scan your QR code every time they come in. You can control via the web platform that is entirely dedicated to you, the people registered at each table. To obtain their email and mobile phone number, a procedure must be triggered including the reason for the request (control or covid case revealed).

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